About Us

Polyglots by birth, Travellers by choice, Volunteers for pleasure; and passionate about languages,

This is the main reason to give birth “CoAcad”. This  is the link between them so they can work together, Travel and be together.

We believe in inter & cultural exchange. The biggest proof is that CoAcad is founded by 15 different organizers of Language exchange groups from 20 different countries.

We believe that travelling gives you a meaning of life, it opens your mind, makes you intelligent, inspire you learning new things. No matter where you travel meeting new people and their culture you can’t learn from book. You have to experience it for yourself.

Discover a world of languages with CoAcad. Every school has been selected, visited very carefully by polyglot organizers of CoAcad.

CoAcad Works with trusted schools and organizers visit schools to ensure you the best courses according to your needs. Coacad wishes to gain your trust and try to give you every kind of service and help you need before during or after your course.

Every member of Coacad team has minimum 8 years of experience in languages. They are/were language consultant, Methods makers, Translator or teachers. Many organizers worked in public department and with big and famous companies.

They love languages and each organizer speaks more than 6 languages fluently.