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Learning a language not only opens the door to a globalized world also makes you richer in knowledge. The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the culture of the language you want to learn.

CoAcad is an initiative founded by 15 organizers from 20 different language exchange groups in 10 countries.
The main objective of CoAcad is to provide services to the followers of these groups, offer benefits and create a link between language exchange groups worldwide. More information on services

Are you looking to Study abroad, work abroad or any service related to language courses, staying abroad? CoAcad has the answer! For example choosing language course, Accommodation, Translation, Internship or work etc…

The CoAcad multi linguistic team is always happy to help.


6 Reasons To Choose Coacad

Best Price Guaranteed


We are Language Lovers, not Businessmen!
CoAcad (Co-Academies) is founded by 15 different organizers of Language exchange groups from 20 different countries. They are working as volunteers in languages. They Organize language exchange, Give free classes.


CoAcad main aim is to give services not earning money; CoAcad doesn’t charge any fee to student but intent to give them a discount. Every member of any language Exchange member is getting up to 10% of discount.

Personal Support

Schools collaborate with CoAcad, know organizers personally and treat every student with more attention.
Students get a personal support from beginning until end and even after the course.
Organizers frequently visit students and schools in order to ensure a pleasant stay in country and clear their doubt if they have.

Reviews In Multimedia

The organizers of CoAcad have been featured several times in multi-media outlets. Valencia Language Exchange has been interviewed 3 times by Spanish television and more than 6 times by newspapers. Ancona Language exchange features many times in newspaper and now has became a part of city hall and Paris language exchange has became official university group. In Germany three groups have been featured many time in local newspapers.

Experience & Passion

Every representative of CoAcad is passionate about languages and has more than 8 years of experience in languages. They are/were language consultant, Methods makers, Translator or teachers.

Multi Linguistic Support

Every coordinator loves languages and speaks more than 6 languages fluently. They will be happy to help you in your language.
We speak more than 26 different languages from all over the world, including every European language.

Education For Everybody

CoAcad believes everybody deserves the best education. CoAcad collaborates with schools with different price range keeping the best quality. Price range varies depending on School location (central /non central)

CoAcad members are helping children in countries with fewer resources. They organize classes and material, so these children can get the best education.